Safety goggles

Category: Safety Eyewear Optical Density : 190-460nm OD4+ 630-660nm OD2+ 800-1100nm OD5+LB-Rating : 315-460nm DIR LB4 630-660nm DIR LB2 800-1100nm DIR LB5According : CE EN207

PM Therapy handpiece


PM Therapy handpiece laser therapy handpiece SPECIFICATIONS:Aluminum/ SilverAdjustable spot diameter: 10mm/15mm/20mm/25mm/30mm FIELDS OF APPLICATION:laser therapy

PM3 Therapy handpiece

A specially designed PMⅢ therapy handpiece with custom features is provided for effective treatments for pain relief, reduction of inflammation and tissue healing. Turning the laser treatment beam off and on is quick and easy with the built in finger switch. SPECIFICATIONS:T-type design specially for therapy treatment30mm in diameter for treatment spot sizeSpecial glasses for […]

PM5 Therapy HandPiece

The PM5 Series handpiece comes with up to 5 lenses. Multiple sets of lenses work together to meet your different clinical function applications. FIELDS OF APPLICATION:TherapyPodiatryNail FungusVET