Which wavelength is more of a EVLT?

For minimally invasive endovenous laser ablation- EVLT, Gigaameical offers diode lasers emitting radiation at different wavelengths: 980nm, 1470nm or 1940nm.


As can be seen in the diagram, for 980nm radiation, the absorption coeffcient is higher for hemoglobin than for water. For 1470nm, especially 1940nm, the opposite is true and water absorbs light radiation many times better than hemoglobin. Both of these chromatophores are components of human tissues, including blood and vascular walls. Lasers with a wavelength of 980nm have been used on a large scale for over 20 years and the average power used during treatments is 10-12W. Using 1470nm wavelength, smaller powers are needed – at 6-8W, and for 1940nm wavelengths 4-6W is enough to perform an effective surgery. Reducing the amount of power needed, makes these lasers much safer and predictable tools for the doctor, while giving patients faster and more comfortable recovery.

Radial Fiber and Bare Fiber

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