GIGAA Veterinary Lasers

Class 4 Diode Gigaa Lasers for use in veterinary therapy, surgery and dentistry. Our units are capable of therapy only, diode laser surgery only, or for the most flexible option select a unit capable of both! Whether it is for general vet practice, specialist veterinary centres, physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialists, or universities, we have a Diode laser for you. By easily changing hand pieces you will be able to perform therapy, surgery, dentistry, percutaneous intervertebral disc decompression, and more.
We recommend Class 4 Diode lasers running 670nm,810nm,980nm  and 1064nm wavelengths with outputs between 10 watts and 30 watts power output as they will capably cover 99% of your general veterinary laser needs – therapeutic or surgical.
However, if you have something special in mind we can also supply lasers with wavelengths of 532nm, 635nm, 670nm, 940nm, 1064nm, 1210nm, or 1470nm. Power outputs range up to 200 watts depending on the application.

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