Proctology Surgery

Proctology conditions such as hemorrhoids and fistula-in-ano are very prevalent all over the world. Although not life threatening, these conditions are associated with a very poor quality of life and embarrassment.

Some treatment options exist with their advantages and disadvantages. GIGAALASER introduces VELAS™ is implementing next generation minimally invasive laser technology to pioneer advanced standards in proctology treatment solutions. It provides a simple, safe and highly effective solution for the treatment of symptomatic hemorrhoids , fistulas and Pilonidal Sinus. This newapproach is offering, short, minimally invasive procedure with virtually no patient downtime. It eliminates the symptoms of the pathology, while minimizing recurrences, postoperative pain, complications and adverse events such as, damage to the anal sphincter and even stenosis.


GIGAALASER implements two separate wavelengths: a 1470nm laser wavelength which specifically targets water in hemorrhoidal and fistula tissue as well as a 980nm laser wavelength targeting oxyhemoglobin in the hemorrhoidal supplying arteries. This allows for optimal ablation and coagulation of the specific treatment area using a low power energy intensity for safe treatment with minimal risk of burns. The ability to choose the appropriate wavelength for the application provide physicians the best solution and flexibility.


GIGAALASER provides physicians with a complete solution for procedure support. From dedicated laser, variety of fibers shape to customized treatment hand piece tools. Seeting option to treat a wide range of clinical applications to maximize results.

  • Rectoscope with camera
  • Fiber laser adapter
  • Insuflator

SapiMed Proctoscopes

The proctoscopes “The Beak” are instruments with a uniquely innovative design feature. The closed, rounded tip allows for introduction of the scope di- rectly into the anus, needing no separate introducer.

The proctoscopes “The Beak” offer the specialist the opportunity of clearly and satisfactorily exposing a portion (one fourth of the circumference) of the anal canal and rectal ampulla.


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