Safety goggles

Category: Safety Eyewear Optical Density : 190-460nm OD4+ 630-660nm OD2+ 800-1100nm OD5+LB-Rating : 315-460nm DIR LB4 630-660nm DIR LB2 800-1100nm DIR LB5According : CE EN207

Optical connector cleaner

FeaturesEfficient and easy to useDelivers consistently high quality cleaning performanceLightweight and safe to useAnti-static resin is used SPECIFICATIONS:Cleaning time:500+ timesConnector: SMA905, SC, MU,SC2, LC, FC, MT, ST, MPODimensions: 130mm*79mm*32mm


Medical electrical equipment in line with the common technical requirements of IEC60601-1 standard.Anti-oil, water-proof, dust-proof rating of IP68, in line with the standards IEC/EN60529. SPECIFICATIONS:+ Rated load: 3A / 250V / AC+ Action mode: Reset+ Cable specifications:RVV0.5mm ² × 2 core × 2m+ Built-in switch: KMS-F FIELDS OF APPLICATION:+ Dental equipment+ Cheese+ Gbox+ Velas